Sticker Label
Possibilities for using self-adhesive labels From use in envelopes to parcel mailers to a preprinted label, many materials are used in photo and sewing shops to organize materials and boxes.
Our company can order all kinds of self-adhesive labels and sells our own production and products of Turkish manufacturers.

Address labels – for writing on envelopes, containers, boxes, packages.
Weatherproof Stickers – Mailboxes, trash cans etc. Suitable for outdoor applications.
Disc Labels – Allows you to categorize information on CDs and DVDs.
Reusable labels – designed to be used over and over again, leaving no traces of glue on surfaces. It is adapted for printing barcodes, signal signs, price tags.
Self-laminated labels – hand-signed and then covered with a special film.
Universal – they come in different sizes, they are used as labels for clothing, descriptions of equipment features, electronic devices, accessories.

Textile labels – suitable for thermal printing of images on textiles.
To purchase selected self-adhesive labels, submit a request via the website or contact the call center. It is possible to order products in bulk. Deliveries were organized to all regions of Russia

Offset suitable for quantities greater than 5000 pieces
Digital is suitable for small quantity up to 5000 pieces. The advantage of this method is fast order fulfillment within 2-5 days.
No matter what kind of paper labels you need, we’ll help you do it, help you design the label, produce it quickly, and send it out in no time.