Washing instructions
The composition of the garments on the tags for garments is a textile label on which certain parameters as well as the composition of the materials of a garment product are defined.
The company’s corporate-style compilers, compilers allow you to customize your products as they contain information about the manufacturer and the logo.
Sewn tags with instructions for the recipient for the use and care of the clothes are called the sitter

The watchman is a much needed tag because the customer will refer to it every time the garment is washed and your item is cleaned.
Along with general standard information on the materials, the marks for which garments are presented by the compilers (fabric) for the garments that are currently finished. Of course,
such a purchase somehow saves the budget, but does not meet the manufacturer’s goals at all – to create a recognizable branded clothing brand.
There is a better way to save money. The description of the composition and recommendations for the care of the product can be combined and printed on a single satin label.

Basically compilers are bought by outerwear manufacturers with a complex product composition.
Offset suitable for quantities greater than 5000 pieces
Digital is suitable for small quantity up to 5000 pieces. The advantage of this method is fast order fulfillment within 2-5 days.
No matter what kind of paper labels you need, we’ll help you do it, help you design the label, produce it quickly, and send it out in no time.