Size Tag
Size is the most important label on clothes, it is difficult to assume that a person will buy clothes without knowing their size. Size mismatch with generally accepted standards is the main reason for product returns. Therefore, in the garment industry, size marking for textiles and clothing is extremely necessary.
Russian (for an average height of 165 cm) from 44 to 60
International from XXS to 3XL
Europe from 38 to 54
USA and English from 32 to 48
Recently, the most relevant has become the international clothing measurement scale

Fabric (satin) size to order
different colors of the main material
personalization of pictures and text
different sizes of label length and width
Jacquard tape wholesale
The speed at which finished marks are purchased
abrasion resistance of woven fabric

The method includes the advantages of producing satin and purchasing ready-made jacquard sizes in a roll.
There are no restrictions on the production of fabric sizes, it can be colored, with a child or company logo.
A sewing firm with a large production volume can order in woven jacquard size.
Despite the advantages of jacquard labels, the properties of this material should be considered. Not suitable for all products – a stiff, intertwined thread may be unacceptable on clothing when worn by people with sensitive skin or children.
Children’s underwear and clothing manufacturers fabric sizes (satin, polyester, satin)
uses materials. They are more tactile and comfortable to wear.

The main feature of jacquard labels is the durability used in sewing: coats, jackets, fur coats, etc. One way to reduce costs is to combine sizing and composition information into a single printed fabric label. Individual textile size labels are in demand when adapting non-standard sized products. At the same time, it should be noted that this money-saving method may be most effective for manufacturers with a wide range of products and stable turnover. After all, as you know, any customization is a significant initial cost for every production.

Technology for the production of personal size labels
Need to prepare the design of the future label, you can provide us with your improvements or our designers will help you make a design for more embossing on the fabric.