Plastic labels
Unlike cardboard tags, plastic tags are durable, give the product a stylish look and attract the attention of buyers.
Moisture resistant and durable;
They do not crease or crease;
Submitted information is not deleted and is stored for a long time.

Increase brand value
Increase clothing sales
Incentives for purchasing products
Scope of application:
Labels made of transparent plastic are used for sports, brands, business, children’s clothing, leather goods, bags, backpacks, briefcases,
suitcases, wallets, shoes, jewelry, jewelery and other types of items.
Label design – development and layout
Printing labels on thick cute paper
Rounding corners, drilling holes, etc. After print jobs
The most popular at the moment is a Plastic label bearing the manufacturer’s logo.

We only print according to the customer’s layout. In its absence, we provide additional services for its development. Our designers will create an original and recognizable brand for you. Color selection according to the color chart. You can order label production using a special form on the website, and contact our managers by phone or e-mail.
Offset suitable for quantities greater than 5000 pieces

Digital is suitable for small quantity up to 5000 pieces. The advantage of this method is fast order fulfillment within 2-5 days.
No matter what kind of paper labels you need, we’ll help you do it, help you create the label design, produce it quickly and ship it in no time.